Adrienne-O’s new EP “The Lines” is now available!

Wanna hear the new album? Here are a few ways:

1) Go to Twist and Shout Records on east Colfax (and look under “A” for “Adrienne”), or Wax Trax on 13th street (and look under “O” for… “O”), and get a real live copy from a real live record store! We priced the album lower at these two stores than anywhere else to encourage support of local record stores, which do a lot to support local bands.

2) Get it digitally on Bandcamp for $10. This is the biggest way to support us financially, if you’re so inclined.

3) Want to just stream it, not buy it? Totally cool too.. and it’s what Adrienne does herself, to be honest. Try Soundcloud or Spotify.

You can also get it lots of other places like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc. But if you feel like throwing a tenner our way and you don’t care how, Bandcamp is the way to go.

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