Strip the Stars on MetalMooseRadio!

Hey bands listed here Just a suggestion tell all of your fans to send me a friend request!

AxX of Hate
Vengeful Ghoul
Arch Demon
Within Reason
Strip The Stars
5 Billion and Counting
Section 5150
Chasing Neverland
Doom Desire
Toxic Waltz
Diaries of a Hero
Sin Of Apathy
Blacksoul Seraphim

You have been chosen!! SO this is a huge one not only are we going to blast your amazing music to the world you get to be a part of the Mary Arnold vs Moose Jaques context!! Last week Mary picked her favorite bands and played them for everyone and her choices all kicked much much ass!! I highly commend her and the bands she played!

So I am taking this in a different direction each one of you except 2 have never been on The Metal Moose Radio before so not only are we debuting you but the listeners are getting music from amazing bands they have NEVER heard!!
Thats right I said it!

On July 22nd you are going to kick the worlds ass!! and WIN WIN WIN this bet!

How we WIN is to click HERE and on the right hand side there is a place to vote Moose OR Mary I think we all know who to vote for !!

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