About Us

  • Promoting You

    We will work hard to spread the word about anything and everything you are doing. Playing a show, releasing a new album, got some new merch? Rest assured, the world will know about it!

  • Booking Shows in Your Local Market

    Want to play a show? We can find you the ideal venue and assemble the perfect line up that fits your sound. We can act as your personal booking agency for all of your events!

  • Tour Booking Made Easy

    Think of us as your personal assistant as we contact suitable venues and rally local support in your desired markets. Designing a tour route that works for your time and schedule. Just sit back and let us handle the dirty work!

  • Affiliates

    We have partnered with several companies and groups that can help you do what you do best. Please check the Affiliates page for a detailed listing.

  • Disclaimer

    We have full permission to use all music, videos, images, and any other material from all Artists represented by Tangaroo Entertainment. We will never knowingly associate with anyone that has anything to do with illegal activity.