Rock / Alternative

ACIDIC specializes in a high-powered fusion of insanity-based, radio-friendly, organic, carnivorous rock n’ roll! Explosive live show, hot new CD and a ridiculously hilarious new video with almost 200K views of Youtube!



AdrienneO (“Adrienne Oh”) is a female-fronted indie pop trio from Denver influenced by artists like Florence + the Machine and OneRepublic. Members include vocalist/bassist Adrienne Osborn, guitarist/producer/engineer Justin Long, and Craig DeLeone, drummer.

Atoms Fall


Hailing from the Southwest, where the atom was first split and put fear into mankind, is Atoms Fall. With material that blends the catchy hooks of Shinedown with the uniqueness of Rage Against The Machine, they have quickly built an ever-growing fan base.



Aurin began as a vision of Guitarist Andrew Wayne in 2002. Andrew’s goal was to write music that appealed to the mind, heart, soul, and emotions of the listener by combining beautiful harmonies with an in-your-face heavy-type of style. “Through struggle we prevail. Through Struggle we unite. You are not alone…”

Boy Hits Car

Boy Hits Car

Hard Rock / Alternative

Boy Hits Car was started in 1993 with a simple idea—to write and perform ‘passionately heavy music’ infused with a world beat/middle eastern flavor. Come and join the ‘LoveCore’ and see for yourself what BHC is all about….let’s get connected!

Concrete Effect

Rock / Hard Rock

Melodic Rock with a twist of Metal, a hint of alternative, a splash of jazz and a dash of progressive rock from the heart of the Rocky Mountains!


Rock / Hard Rock

After having built an Army of loyal followers while touring and Headlining some famous venues like the Hard Rock Café and the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, as well as opening for National Tours. ONE is only beginning to put their mark on the music business.

Pride in Pieces

Rock / Hard Rock

From Denver, CO. A band with brutal, groovy (broovy?) music hitting you where it hurts. A heavy band with inspiring lyrics.

Racing on the Sun

Rock / Alternative

Racing On The Sun are the exciting new band rising from Northern Colorado. The combined talents of Alfonso Cervantes, Donnie Cook, Derek Vollmar and Bryan Cahill create a unique and powerful sound that catches the attention of everyone who hears it.


Rock / Hard Rock
As a hard rock band, it was lead singer Danny Pappas’ goal to translate the powerful emotions of everyday life into lyrics, melodies, and songs that people could relate to. Constantly compared to heavy-hitters such as Chevelle, Tool, 10 Years, and Staind, Resonance has a unique take on the Hard Rock genre that is catching a lot of attention.

Scarlet Canary

Hard Rock / Metal

Yellow Canaries are known for their ability to sing in order to warn miners of danger. A Scarlet Canary is known for her ability to scream into the dark caverns below just to get better reverb and hit a higher harmony.

Strip The Stars


Drawing comparisons to Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, and Alice in Chains, the full shake-you-to-your-bones sound of this quartet puts the roar in your speakers and will leave you singing the songs long after the show’s over.

Tattooed Grin

Alternative / Metal

Hoping to change the world through love, beauty, and melody. Music is the universal language and we should all fight to keep it alive.

While She Waits

Southern Rock

While She Waits is a traditional rock band stemming from Phoenix Arizona. WSW thrills crowds with its fun loving attitude and amazing hooks that will sure to capture your ear.