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Save the Aztlan Theatre – Benefit on Sept 20th

Denver bands unite to help save the historic Aztlan Theatre


In true Colorado spirit a group of Denver bands and music lovers in collaboration with local music talent agency + broker Tangaroo Entertainment (owned by Steph Bailey), have joined together to raise awareness and money and help revive the historic Aztlan Theater. They will host a charity benefit concert “Save the Aztlan: A benefit to restore Denver’s musical heritage” on the evening of Saturday, September, 20, 2014 (doors at 4:00′ish pm, suggested donation $10). Confirmed bands include: Concrete EffectKUNUNDRUMThousand FramesAlorisLogan St. Throwdown , Buck25NDAAZOrcinus and AdrienneO.

The history behind the Aztlan Theatre

Located in the thriving and popular Santa Fe Arts District of Denver, the historic theatre was founded in 1927. Originally named the Santa Fe (movie) theater, Tim Correa (the current owner), purchased the building in1973. A long time community and political activist dating back to the 1960′s, he changed the name of the theater to Aztlan which means ‘Freedom’.  To him he believed it also served as the ‘promised land’ where he felt that different people with shared cultural, artistic and music interests could come together and openly and freely congregate.

Correa worked at University of Colorado in the scholarships department in the 1970′s. He worked each year to recruit 300 minority students and students in need to help them go to college with tuition and books pre-paid in full. He said that the University was located at 18th & Arapahoe. Many students thought that he was joking but indeed he was quite serious and those students went on to become doctors, lawyers and productive citizens who actively contributed to their respective community.

I love and enjoy working to bring all types of people together. The Aztlan has hosted musicians from every genre – including both local and national acts. Each show is special here, but some of the more memorable shows were Run DMCThe Offspring and AFI. The Red Hot Chili Peppersperformed here in 1987. And  Slayer played here twice and packed the place to capacity. – Tim Correa, Owner, Aztlan Theatre

An old Slayer concert poster promoting their performance at the Aztlan Theater.

Originally, the Aztlan operated as a movie theater successfully for 13 years. Then with the introduction of the VCR in 1986 Correa stated that hundreds of thriving indie movie theaters went out of business. The Denver music scene was strong and he saw the opportunity to focus on live music.

But over time with the neighborhood and surrounding community modernizing and growing around it, unfortunately the building became dated and expensive to renovate.

….it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing

Enter Denver local music bands and supporters.

[I saw this update posted by Steph Bailey, Tangaroo Entertainment and Joe Rowan,Denver Hardcore Music]


The Aztlan Theatre Bar needs your help! Times are tough and they are in need of financial help to keep their doors open. They have an amazing stage that is begging for live music to be played on. They are hosting a benefit show on Saturday, September 20th to help raise funds.

If you would like to make a difference in the community and keep this historic landmark open by playing on this show, please let me know! – Steph Bailey

The magic immediately began to happen with support from bands, their fans and music promoters pouring in from Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico. Steph is still accepting demos from bands with a strong stage presence and fan base who are willing to play pro bono for a great cause. So if you would like to secure one of the coveted remaining spots, please reach out to her directly.

Aztlan Theatre Band Tribute

The following presentation shares what some bands had to say about why they are supporting the event:

Now it’s your turn. Here’s how you can show your love!

(1) SHARE THIS POST/NEWS with Colorado musicians and the people who love them so we can spread the word to as many folks as possible

(2) HELP GENERATE POSITIVE PRESS by notifying local news media outlets, music magazines and bloggers about the story

(3) BUY A TICKET to the charity concert or make a donation if you are outside of the area (or can’t attend) –

A million thanks in advance to everyone who took the time to read this and is supporting in the outreach efforts. For more details or to get involved please reach out to Steph Bailey at Tangaroo Entertainment.

Additional thanks to Monica Patton for bringing awareness of this story.


Adrienne-O at the Gothic – August 29th!

The Gothic Theatre

3263 S Broadway
Englewood, CO 80113

Friday, August 29. 8pm. $10/12.


Our biggest show yet.
We open for SF1, MTHDS and The Other Black.
Can you come?

To get your tickets, CLICK HERE and then go to the “Online Store” tab.
(This is Adrienne’s own store, not the Gothic Theatre’s site, so don’t get worried.)

If we have good attendance at this show, it could open the door to bigger opportunities, so we hope to see you there.

Do get your tickets directly from us so we can show AEG how many people we bring.

get tickets directly from us

We’ll probably debut our new music video at the show, too!
(TBD depending on logistics.)

Adrienne-O’s new EP “The Lines” is now available!

Wanna hear the new album? Here are a few ways:

1) Go to Twist and Shout Records on east Colfax (and look under “A” for “Adrienne”), or Wax Trax on 13th street (and look under “O” for… “O”), and get a real live copy from a real live record store! We priced the album lower at these two stores than anywhere else to encourage support of local record stores, which do a lot to support local bands.

2) Get it digitally on Bandcamp for $10. This is the biggest way to support us financially, if you’re so inclined.

3) Want to just stream it, not buy it? Totally cool too.. and it’s what Adrienne does herself, to be honest. Try Soundcloud or Spotify.

You can also get it lots of other places like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc. But if you feel like throwing a tenner our way and you don’t care how, Bandcamp is the way to go.

Meet Adrienne-O !

Adrienne and her band AdrienneO are not only talented, but funny and down-to-earth people. Check out this video she made as a thank you to her fans. This also shows her extreme integrity by keeping her word and following through!

If you haven’t liked the AdrienneO facebook page, please go click “like” now and maybe we will get another fun video!!

Check them at their next show on June 2nd at Herman’s Hideaway. Click here for details!